MLC Posters

Updating the MLC Facebook page, take a look at some of the many gig posters I’ve designed – HERE.

It’s awesome to see the progression of my work and also the differences between using Photoshop to InDesign.Image




Traffic Light Party – Wooden Bridge

Final poster design for a Valentines Day – ‘Traffic Light Party’ at the Wooden Bridge pub, Guildford. Produced mostly in Photoshop CS6, with some artwork created in Illustrator CS6.


MLC Twitter background

Twitter artwork for MLC the Band, one of Surrey’s finest cover bands! This collage design is pieced together entirely of gig posters.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 10.34.43

MLC’s Facebook – Website – Twitter

Odyssey Artwork

For the past month I’ve created some artwork for Sleeping Trees Theatres new show ‘The Sleeping Trees Odyssey’. I pitched the idea of turning them into statues and surrounding them with clouds and greek pillars etc.

So I started off with turning the three guys into statues. Firstly taking well over 200 photos of the men, in their underpants… and then working my way through what was usable or not. In the end I went with  a mid shot of the three guys pulling funny faces. Turning the guys into statues was a fun challenge which seemed a lot more complicated than it actually was.

Designs created:

  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter headline & background
  • General photo for social network usage
  • Press pack – Web and Print JPEGs for Brighton Fringe festival (for placement on the website & in the magazine)
  • Poster for Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Wimbledon show and any forthcoming shows of 2013

Eventually, i’ll be creating the DVD cover for the video press pack to be sent off to various theatres for the show. More to come on that. Below are a few of the designed previously mentioned

Press design for web & print

Press design for web & print


Odyssey Cover Photo

Odyssey Brighton Fringe Poster

Odyssey Brighton Fringe Poster